Goodnight Blondy


Corridor of lights, felt something on me, moves the handle, to attention. Squeeze me hard then leave me at ease, alone with my freedom thoughts. Uncontested heart ache like a tooth, we do the biting in here, but you’ve never been bitten by a thing called love.
Swift as a vanishing whisper wisened by sorrow, and the masterful teacher of mistakes, we trigger war heads when we lean against eachother, to repel cold comfort with a touch.
Skin so soft it hurts like friction, the motion of minds that think as one but betray a trust, in waves of passion. Can we escape this fatal meeting of assembled words we speak with eyes which conspire against us?
Rhetorically ravished by questions that haunt the loser with the dabbler’s hand, till he dies against the grain. You don’t spit when the swallow aint so heavy and conjested like there’s traffic in there, and you might even enjoy the ride. Tied and tested, tried then rested. Not enough, Tied and tried and we come to mean nothing in the aftermath when dead or arrested.
So deep, the blade is so clean, slices straight through our…………………
Promises broken

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