Bathe Away

Bathe away. Babe in arms. Let it go. Down that stream of consciousness. Tired eyes swim through it. Bathe away in the filthy water made of sweat and fear and frustrated sex, discontinued when we touch it where it hurts. Bathe away, bubbles blown apart, the morning starts before you sleep with naked hope that you wake up in the wet of dreams. There you are, turning, stirring the pot, making it rain, running that river down the rocky path. No way baby, out of this. We lay it all down in that holy place. That water takes us in the middle of our struggle. That dirty water, fucking us into submission. Liar. Take us with you. Take us down, all the way baby. Spread it wide. There, there. There she is. There you are. And inside of you, find my love in the multitude that race to erase you from memory.

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