Love is a mountaineer on stilts. No flips. No tricks. No short cuts. Battle hardened. A general and an infantry with the fortitude and frost bitten resilience to march the marathon of bow tied conundrums. And if it rises up like revolutions that combust in the fire of trials made of eternal fears and custodial sentences for the passion behind bars that bend around malleable hands, to hold the heavy length of derision, softly, it rises down like death in the doorway of presumption.

In hands that see as clear as touch, the vision is felt like a fire that cools the head that burns the heart. The why dies before the question is ever asked. The despairing can not make sense of these hands.







Climb Me

Climb me and picture a thousand words. Faces as finite as foot notes greet sure footed hands on deck. Climb me forwards. Eyes behind blinds will chase down dreams on stumbling blocks. Climb us with caution to cause commotion like curses at high altitude. It never ends. It always begins. 20151109_182427-1