On Street Fighter 2

I remember that my brother and I were at a fair in Roundwood Park with my mother in either the spring or summer of 1991 and we made our way over to the arcades. We were already fans of the first Street Fighter which we used to play at a restaurant in Willesden Green called Pizza Tropicana (it closed down many years ago), so when we saw SF2 on that day, I can’t describe the sensation I felt. It was love at first sight as silly as it sounds. We got a SNES with the SF2 game for Christmas the following year. I’ve never been out of love with the game since that day at Roundwood Park. I was also inspired by the music of the game. My brother and I listened to the soundtrack as much as any of our favourite music artists of the time.

I was told that the last film my father watched before he passed was Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. I was suprised about that and even more surprised to hear that he really enjoyed it. That kind of brought it full circle because SF2 offered me an emotional safehouse after my father left us. There was a lot of pain but the game was an escape and a comfort blanket.

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